Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Burger King Whopper Sacrifice

With plenty of tools now created to get brands out on Facebook, the best use so far in advertising has clearly been the stand out performance of Burger King's Whopper Sacrifice Campaign.

What do you love more, your friends or the Whopper?

And people had no trouble answering it. Only four days after launch, tens of thousands of people had been sacrificed. Because of the viral nature of the campaign, the application was spreading like fire. And that's where the problems started.

Sacrifice went against the very nature of Facebook's business plan. Social networks are all about creating connections, not canceling them, and the quickly growing application was sacrificing more friendships than Facebook was comfortable with. While they both tried to accommodate each other's goals, in the end, when faced with the prospect of removing the social/viral component that made sacrifice so much fun. Burger King shose to sacrifice Whopper Sacrifice.

Case in point, the "annoucement of de-friendship" was not part of Facebook policy and went against the very thing Facebook was built for.

The Campaign which boasted ending 234,000 friendships is history now. The PR alone on this project was well worth it being pulled.